EvoBiotech is now offering a wide range of customized services to fit your needs

If you are a research laboratory from Accademia or a private company we can help you in planning new research project or performing custom experiments.

Targeted Scientific Analysis
If you are working with extracellular vesicles, liposomes, or lipid nanoparticles, we can help you to characterize your product.
If you are studying a new molecule or active ingredient, we can guide you through the discovery of all its biological activities providing a variety of targeted functional assays.
Gene expression analysis and protein analysis are also available.

If you are a law firm or an investment company looking for consultancy on the solidity of a scientific project or needing a strategic report on a project you are evaluating,
we can provide you with the right solution.

Scientific Project Consultancies
We can provide consultancies and unbiased evaluations on scientific projects or assets.
Our services include targeted screening and reports of the scientific literature and scientific writing of projects and publicity or educational materials.

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