Turin, November 14th 2022

EvoBiotech S.r.l. announces the appointment of Mr. Marco Dieci as a member of the Board and Chief Operating Officer.

EvoBiotech is a Biotech company developing a novel technology platform using plant-derived Extracellular Vesicles (EV) aimed at improving the healing efficacy of advanced dressings and medications used in wound care treatments and at developing a new drug delivery system, thanks to the natural carrier ability and resistance to degradation of plant-derived EV loaded with mRNA, nucleic acids, small molecules, and drugs. This technique offers significant clinical advantages such as a particularly easy way of administration (enteral, parenteral, and intranasal routes) and a high safety profile thanks to their natural origin. Advantages that can be easily used as a market opportunity due to the limited costs for scaling up production and distribution.

Marco Dieci, post-graduate degree in Chemistry, brings over 25 years of management experience in the life science industry, specifically in clinical operations management, pharma business development, and market access. He served as CEO at Holostem, Executive Director at the facility of Children Hospital Bambino Gesù in Rome, CEO of Xellbiogene, and Operations Director at MolMed.

The appointment of Marco Dieci as a member of the Board and COO represents a planned step in the consolidation of the Company’s clinical and industrial development.

“We are really pleased to bring Marco Dieci in our Board of Directors and have his support as COO” said Prof. Giovanni Camussi - Founder and Chairman of EvoBiotech. “Thanks to his broad professional experience, Marco will apply his know-how for improving clinical development and market access of our products. He will provide effective leadership and management support, guiding the Company to successful interactions with industry players. We are confident that Marco will positively contribute to the industrial development of EvoBiotech, and he will lead the Team toward our next goals”.

“Extracellular Vesicles (EV) derived from edible plants represent a breakthrough innovation suitable for several applications, such as drug delivery, regenerative medicine, and several additional applications. Thanks to the edible plant origin of the EV, this technique’s costs of production and distribution are significantly low. I am particularly excited to initiate this collaboration with this talented Team and to contribute to the development of a variety of products from bench to bed for patients' benefit”, commented Mr. Marco Dieci.

About EvoBiotech: EvoBiotech is based in Turin, Italy, and is developing a new generation of innovative therapies for wound care and drug delivery. The technology platform uses the power and the numerous advantages of plant-derived extracellular vesicles for improving the efficacy of current wound care treatments and drug delivery systems. Thanks to this approach, EvoBiotech aims to match the latest scientific discoveries with patients' and healthcare professionals' needs in wound care and drug delivery fields.

for the development of new vaccines and therapies based on extracellular vesicles of plant origin

Turin 6th August 2021

EvoBiotech, an innovative start-up operating in the biotechnology sector, announces the entry into the share capital of Nocturnal Labs SpA, an Operational Holding Company with a strong innovative vision, and of LuMar.

The "seed" investment for a total of € 1 million to EvoBiotech is intended for the development of a project on extracellular vesicles for oral mRNA-based vaccines, thus simplifying significantly both the distribution chain and the administration of vaccines.
The funds will also be used to consolidate EvoBiotech's patent portfolio, also continuing in the preclinical development of a second research pipeline that applies the regenerative properties of extracellular vesicles of plant origin for the treatment of chronic wounds by exploiting their strong pro-angiogenic feature helping re-epithelialization.

“We strongly believe in EvoBiotech potential which, already at this stage, offers diversified and very promising technological development assets, based on extremely interesting scientific-technological platforms,” stated Luigi Colombo, CEO of Nocturnal Labs.

ABOUT EvoBiotech: EvoBiotech is a biotechnological startup operating within 2i3T - Company for the Management of the Business Incubator and for the Technology Transfer of the University of Turin - and was founded in 2019 by Prof. Giovanni Camussi, one of the greatest world experts on extracellular vesicles deriving from stem cells and by three scientists, Dr. Chiara Gai, Margherita Pomatto and Maria Chiara Deregibus.
EvoBiotech focuses on the development of regenerative medicine therapies based on this new type of extracellular vesicles and, in particular, aimed at advanced treatment of chronic wounds. Since 2020, the team has initiated projects involving the loading of extracellular vesicles with viral nucleic acids to be used as an oral vaccine.

ABOUT Nocturnal Labs: Nocturnal Labs is an operational holding company that supports seed-stage companies to develop products, technologies, and global businesses that advance health.
The Nocturnal labs team’s combination of research, development, clinical, operational and financial experience allows the firm to identify, execute and realize investments across the life sciences industry which can provide benefit and value for patients, doctors and healthcare systems, and reward shareholders with a sound and ethical profit. FOR FURTHER INFORMATION: https://www.nocturnallabs.com/


Biofit 9th Edition

Marseille 10-11th December 2019

EvoBiotech has been selected to pitch at the Start-up Slams competition, during Biofit 9th Edition. Start-up Slams is an important international pitching session for young start-ups working in Life Sciences field.

The event was organized during the Biofit, the meeting point in Europe for tech transfer and for sourcing early-stage innovations stemming from public research institutions, academic spin-offs, and emerging biotech companies.



Rimini 5th-6th June 2019

EvoBiotech has been selected to pitch at the start-up event (la piazza delle start-up) of the 59th symposium organized by the Italian association of pharmaceutical industries (Associazione Farmaceutici Industria - AFI).

AFI2019 3



Start CUP Piemonte Valle d’Aosta 2019

Alessandria, 29th October 2019

EvoBiotech has been selected as one of the 10 finalist projects at the StartCUP Piemonte Valle d’Aosta XV Edition 2019 and has won the Special Mention ‘Pari Opportunità’.

The event was organized within the “National Award for Innovation”, promoted by PNI Cube (the Italian University Incubators Association).



Turin, 27th June 2019

EvoBiotech has been selected to the Turin pitching match organized by European Start-up Festival and hosted by I3P, the incubator of the Politecnico di Torino.